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Print Size: 16 X 20 Inches (30.5 x 30.5 CM) 
Medium: Archival Giclee Print
Paper: 100% Cotton, 310lb GSM, Acid-Free
Authentication: MWJ Signature on Front
Original Artwork: By Mark Warren Jacques
Title: Weakness.

In the quiet space, next to you, 
Between daybreak and dreaming,  
A question, fragile and unadorned. 
Do you love me?  

In a world that idolizes the rise,  
The fall is feared. 
Everyone loves strength,  
Yet, do you love me for my weakness?

This is the real test,
Not a trial of endurance or might,
But of bowing and bending.  

A silent understanding that love,  
In its purest form,  
Cradles both the light of day,
And the night.

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