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Bull & Calf

Bull & Calf

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"Bull and Calf"

Original ceramic sculpture by Mark Warren Jacques
Material: Solid clay 
Sculpture Size: Approx 5.5 inches tall X 6 inches long X 4 inches wide (brick display stand 8.75 inches long X 5 inches wide X 2.25 inches tall)
Overall Size 7.75 inches tall X 8.75 inches long X 5 inches wide
Finish: Raw clay and carbon soot finish
Signature: mwj on bottom

A sculpture depicting a bull and a calf, carved from a solid clay body. The bull is larger, with a dark brown/black hue and a textured coarse finish, reminiscent of naturalistic forms, and well-lived life. It stands with its head raised. The calf, presented in an off-white/coral color, is smaller in size, with a similarly textured surface, positioned with its body tucked under the bull, suggesting a moment of rest or grazing. Both figures exhibit a stylized, abstract form, devoid of detailed features, focusing on the essence of their shapes. They are placed on a brick-red, textured base that could be part of the sculpture or a display stand. This is an original one-of-one handmade artwork by Mark Warren Jacques. 

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