Tree Huggers

Sustainability matters. All of our products are made-to-order and shipped directly to the end user. This is huge for the planet. 

Zero over-production means way less waste on the Earth.

Other efforts toward waste reduction:
-We don't do crazy branded packaging, 
hang-tags, or elaborate inserts (they just get thrown away)
-We use Post-Consumer recycled packaging when possible
-We don't print top-sheet graphics on our skateboards (they just get covered with griptape)
-We don't dye the plys or any of the natural wood on our skateboards

We plant a tree for every skateboard sold!

We have partnered with our skateboard manufacturer to fund tree planting projects. Trees are planted by Arbor Day Foundation in areas that will be preserved and guaranteed to remain protected. We are committed to funding as many trees as skateboards we sell every year.