Human Poetry

In the garden of timeless verse, we roam, Where Shakespeare's eloquence finds its home. Homer's epics weave a grand design, As Dante's journey to the Divine.

Wordsworth's nature whispers secrets deep, While Dickinson's soul in solitude keeps. Whitman celebrates the individual's grace, As Tagore's songs of love embrace.

Poe's darkness and Neruda's fire ignite, With Rumi's mystic dance, taking flight. In this tapestry of poets' art, We find the essence of the human heart.



Politics and its game, A never-ending cycle of fame.

With lies and deceit, It's hard to keep the truth in heat.

The people sway, In this political play.

With power the only goal, Integrity takes a toll.

Promises made, nothing but trade.

People scream and shout, While the rich rule, with nothing to count.

But in the end, it's all just a show, And the people, they already know.

So raise a glass and drink it down, To this political merry-go-round.