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I would love you to write for me. By writing in my blog, you can reach global audience and achieve your professional dreams.

Some guidelines

This blog covers articles related to business, sports, entertainment and technology. Topics may include the following:

Technology sector: review of the latest mobile phone on the market, innovation in the field of drones or any other technology related topic, etc.

Business sector: changing trend of the business world, new marketing strategies, case study of a particular successful startup company, etc.s

Entertainment: Oscar winning performance of an actor in a film, latest celebrity fashion, gossips, upcoming movies, review of latest movie, etc.

Sports: team news of various sports, next major sports event, interview of sports personality, review of sports gadgets, etc.

The tone of your writing should be positive, informative and inspiring. The readers must feel happy to read about it. Here are some do’s and don’t that you have to maintain in your writing.


  • Be original: Posts must be original and unique and original. It must not have been published or submitted elsewhere online.
  • Source facts: If you mention any facts, figures of quotations, mention the source of your information always.
  • Include a relevant photo with your writing.
  • Write a good title for your writing piece.
  • Write a good opening: Ask yourself questions like, ‘Does the first sentence make the reader want to continue?’ or, ‘Does your first paragraph tell the reader clearly and what the article will be about?’
  • Use conversational tone in your writing. This type of tone is most appealing to readers.


  • Send SEO-driven article. You should have the right keywords in your article and links to relevant sites for more information. Remember, the links should not be included for the purpose of promoting a particular brand. It should simply be used for reading more information about a topic.
  • Don’t add hyperlink. Put the links in brackets.

Submission guideline

  • Submit your full post with a title.
  • Send any relevant images.
  • Write your biography not more than 200 words. You can place links to your websites, social network pages or your own website.
  • A photo of you for your biography.

Your writing is subject to scrutiny. Once I read through your article or post, I’ll inform you about my decision in writing. Thank you for your interest in writing for the blog.