We here do the work of what an togel singapore Online would do for you and help you analyze games and also help you to predict the results and that is why we have written this article, predicting the final of the oldest football trophy in the world.

The FA Cup final is going to be held on 27th of May and it looks like we are up for one hell of a game. Chelsea crushed Tottenham in their semifinals while Arsenal progressed after defeating Manchester City at extra time, which was one entertaining game. Even though its one month later, it’s not too early to analyze the probable result of the game. Doesn’t matter how good or bad both the teams have been this entire season, just 90 minutes of top class football and we might just see an unexpected result.

Arsenal are the under dogs in this London Derby after having one of the worst seasons under the reign of Arsene Wenger. They currently lie 8th on the Premier League table but on the other hand they have also won the FA Cup a record 12 times which means that this is their arena. Arsene Wenger will be dying to redeem their season and will be looking to use their attacking prowess to the best. Arsenal needs to be on the stride from the beginning of the match and they shouldn’t fall back at any point of the match because Chelsea will be waiting for that.

Chelsea has played like Champions this season and they would like to win both the Premier League and the FA Cup in Conte’s first season. They have always had something under their belt that they use to squeeze out a win for themselves. This is also John Terry’s last season so the team would like to make his last season memorable.