Everybody wishes to own a home and get it oriented in the desired way. Something that intensifies the beauty of your home manifold is the way you have the paints put up on the walls. Are you looking forward to colour your home in different hues that reflect your creativity? If you are in search of some professional contractors who can paint your personality on the walls, then there are the Painting Services in Singapore to do it for you and make your guests go ‘wow’.


These Painting Services available at your doorstep can transform your old home into a beautiful reality. Just think of any shades for the interiors or a wallpaper to leave everyone spellbound, they get it done for you. Such services are highly professional  and have much useful knowledge and experience  not only with regard to colours but also what type of paint would best suit your walls, the type of application to name a few.  And most importantly they offer services at reasonable costs and also make the whole process hassle free on your part.

What do these services have to offer?

  • Avail the HDB painting’ services and increase the resale value of your flat by filling the walls with vibrant hues. Add warmth and personality to your home. You can have it done from as minimum as $900 to a maximum of $1550. Completion time ranges from as less as 1 day to a maximum of 2-3 days depending on the size of your home.
  • Get your condonium painted with the Condo painting’ services and dramatically improve your home and thereby making it more appealing. Get it done within a range of $800 to $1500 and even above. You can have them completed within 1 to 3 days.
  • Commercial painting services offered are executed by skilled experts ensuring a great finishing. You need not have to worry of any mess whether it is surface preparation or clean-up.
  • Exterior painting is one aspect that we can never disregard with respect to our home. Making the exteriors of the home look appealing is yet another important criterion of a dream house and they could not be done better than these professional services. The steps involved in exterior painting are
  1. Cleaning up the walls.
  2. Surface preparation.
  3. Paint application.
  4. Cleaning up again.
  5. Final Inspection.


Handing over the responsibility of getting your space painted to these services, you can be rest assured and be in peace of getting your work done as you have always wanted. These painting services are offered by companies like Painting Services in Singapore, ‘5 Star Painting’ among the bests.

From accurately determining the timely scheduling to helping you choose the right colours, the detailed painting process and follow up, they deliver a painting experience like no one else in the business.