Everyone is fond of computer/mobile games, as it is the best way to relax for a little time in your busiest schedules. This helps you to get away from your monotonous life for a while, and drown yourself in the world of gaming, just for a while. One of the most amazing games, which makes you play it again and again in your free time, is Pixel gun 3D. This adventurous and fighting game, is extremely fun to play, and is available both for your PC and smart phone. Here, we tell you more about this game, and also some hacks for your Android smart phone.

This game has its own site, where you can download it from, and also play it for free. This link can be used for the same: https://pixelgun3d.com/. Now what is this game all about? This is a pixel graphic game, where you fight other players, individually or in a team. You have plenty of options for armor and weapons, there being different types of each. You can get stronger and stronger, by buying these weapons and armor, by coins or money.


There are many modes under which you can play the game. There is a death match mode, where you can prove your skills and be the best fighter, to take more challenges. Another mode is the arena mode where you have to survive against the monsters and demons that keep on coming after you to kill you. The more time you stay alive, the higher is the score and more coins you can earn. But, with increasing difficulty it is very difficult to stay alive for a long time, until you are a pro. You can also play multiplayer mode in which you, along with your mates fight against the monsters or even the other players. The game gets more interesting as you keep on playing it, and gets very addictive after some time.

Now, one problem is strengthening your armor and getting the best weapons available. That is not really easy. You have to work real hard in the game, earn a huge score to get coins and then buy the stuff available. But since every problem has a solution of it own, so does this one. One way is to buy the coins. You can go on to the site (mentioned above) and click on Buy Coins option. Follow the procedure and pay a particular amount for some coins. The better option, however, is the hack. For mobile users, there is an app called aptoide (similar to blackmart, but more reliable). This app provides you with modded version of games and other applications for free. Similarly, in this case you can download the Pixel gun 3D hack aptoide version of the game, that helps you have unlimited coins and the best weapons. This will not only enjoy the game a lot more, but will tend to make you the strongest contender.


But, remember one thing. There are cases where you may not be able to play online with the hacked app, since you might get banned. However, there are lot of more hacks available online, with no surveys, that help you get what you want. So, if you haven’t yet tried this game, its high time you download it and give it a try.