Besides the fact that both of these platforms are used for glancing through pictures, there exists a lot of differences between the two which we’ll make time to unfold. Between these two, Instagram is the most popular with over 400 million active monthly users. Here are some of the differences existing between these two social media platforms.

Pinterest defined

Pinterest was designed to allow users to visually bookmark information from web pages and give them an opportunity to discover content which other pinners have pinned. The platform is available as an app and on the web for users to use. Once users have bookmarked whichever information they deem useful, they can then collect the pins into their personalized categories otherwise known as boards. In addition to this, the social media channel also allows users to upload their own pictures which provides them with a perfect opportunity of redirecting the pins from Pinterest users to a website.

Pinterest provides users with the perfect platform where they can curate content which they want to read or access the same later on. This is your ideal platform where you want to go to plan for your future events or create a wish list.

Instagram defined 

As for Instagram, it is a mobile based app that allows users to upload and share not only photos but also videos. The platform allows you to only view photos on their official website but you cannot use the website to upload photos. The videos on Instagram need to be short and are only just about 15 seconds long. The most amazing thing about Instagram is that it allows the user to share photos, share experiences and tell visual stories in the most creative and fun way. With Instagram, the users are also allowed to buy instagram followers if they wish. We can also get free followers if we use some unique hashtags to attract the users such as who unfollowed me instagram and can get most of the followers for free

As from above, the main difference existing between the two social platforms is that Pinterest is a visual search engine that allows users to conduct lifestyle searches whereas Instagram offers you with an avenue where you get to upload and share photos and images.

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With Pinterest business can use pins on Pinterest to link to their website. This is particularly important as it allows businesses to measure the effectiveness of pins when it comes to driving traffic. This option is not available for Instagram users. When you tap to a picture on Instagram, you’ll be liking it and it will not redirect you to the site where you can find relevant information about the product or service.

When you post a photo on Instagram your picture will appear in a chronological order which is not what happens on Pinterest. The pins that people get to see do not show up based on a chronological order but they do show based on Pinterest algorithm.

Both of these platforms work brilliantly to deliver results but depending on what you want to achieve, you can choose a platform that best suits your needs.