Choosing tiles for the flooring as well as the walls of your home brings out quite a fancy vibe. Not only will the room look elegant but it’s incredibly easy to clean; just use a cleaning solution, spray it on the tiles, wait for it to work its magic and wipe it off, it’s that simple. Other than that, floor tiles last longer and they are more durable. Compared to any kind of flooring out there, floor tiles offer the widest variety of design, size, materials colours and such. In case you’re still having a difficult time deciding on what kind of flooring you want then why not go for tiles? 

Floor Tiles Available at

The following are the most common and popular tiles available at, each has outstanding quality and durability.

  1. Travertine – is a kind of limestone but basically the by-product of various hot springs all over the world. During the formation of the limestone, it is mixed alongside the minerals found in travertine. The mixing gives it the unique pattern and character.
  2. Ceramic – ceramic is achieved through the continuous heating and cooling of natural minerals as well as clay. Ceramic tiles come in numerous sizes, textures, finishes and colours.
  3. Porcelain – porcelain is mostly made up of natural clay. The process of creating it involves heating well refined clay to an even higher temperature, it creates denser floor tiles; these floor tiles can be used indoor as well as outdoor.
  4. Granite – this igneous rock is created when lava or magma cools down and solidifies. Tiles made of granite are distinguishable by the tiny flecks found on the surface, they mostly vary in colour and visual depth.
  5. Onyx – compared to other stones, onyx is softer and has a transparent quality. Onyx tiles are ideal for indoor areas and counter tops.