Why Everyone Is Talking About ShowBox App

If you have heard a lot of good things being said about ShowBox and kept wondering if all that was being said was true; well, you are in the right place. The following is a brief overview of this amazing app and its features.

About ShowBox

The main purpose of creating this amusing app was to provide users a simple and hassle free way to find and watch TV shows and movies online. It was specifically designed for movie lovers and how it works is unbelievably simple. This app uses an online player to play movies stored on its servers. There is a huge database of movies and TV shows available through this app and all of them have been sorted based on user ratings. They can, however, be altered to sort them according to the year of release and their genre.


What else users can do with this app

One of the best features about this app is that other than just being used to watch movies and shows online; Showbox also allows its users to download the same movies from the same page. Users can just search it and click on its grid to open it. From there you find the link for downloading and streaming along with downloading. It does not even stop there; this amazing app also allows its users to download the movie in 3 formats according to the quality of video they want. Overall, this is where you can download your favorite movie or shows and you start watching right away without surfing any other site.

ShowBox Features

One of the biggest reasons that has its popularity soared through the roof is because this app comes with a plethora of amazing features. The following are a few of the features that have seen this app become one of the most sought after.

Device compatibility

Initially developed for Android devices only, ShowBox now works on iOS and PC and allows downloading this app on PC using Android Emulator, Bluestacks. It works perfectly well on Windows 7, 8 and 8.1, but not so much on XP.


When it comes to online content, security is the key, and looking at the kind of security this app comes with, it is evident that the creators had that in mind. It is very secure and trusted app. As a matter of fact, they have uploaded a scanned certificate on their official site meaning it is completely safe to use.


One of the most striking things about this application is its interface. It is well laid out and its presentation is beautiful, which will make you like it a lot.

HD Format Support 

Though, this app supports the HD format, the HD format is based on the user’s device’s resolution.

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Showbox is a totally free app that allows users to enjoy a variety of shows, movies and serials free of cost.

At the end, if in the past you have had problems in downloading and watching your favorite movies and shows online, ShowBox apk application is definitely what you should be going for next. It is one of the best movies and TV shows streaming application you could lay you hands on today.

ShowBox Gives You a Free Movie Streaming Experience

ShowBox Gives You a Free Cool Movie Streaming Experience

Lots of movie streaming services are coming up each day -both free and subscription-based services including Hulu, Netflix and HBO GO. While these services may be very popular, they have never been especially easier to watch movies on. There are so many restrictions –both geographical and network-based which inconvenience to the users. Besides, to enjoy your movie of your choice, you have to part to with over $10 of subscription fee!

Developers are creating new apps to bridge that gap. And ShowBox has been lauded as one top app that is shaking the industry veterans. Massively. In this review, I’m going to ShowBox and how you can utilize its movie streaming capabilities.

So what is Showbox ?

Anything that let’s you rave your movies at your convenience is worth a shout out. And, Showbox, the best movie App will do well with a round of shout outs. Yes, the app has much to offer movie lovers and can easily stream your favorite TV show or movie whenever you need it.

ShowBox Features:

· You can stream and download any TV series and movie of your choice and watch it offline.

· Gives you high-quality movies in HD

· Universal app that is fit for both phone and tablet.

· Gives you subtitles for TV Shows and the movies.

· Free for use.

How to get started on a streaming spree ?

1. Install the ShowBox. ShowBox is not Google PlayStore. Download it from the developer’s site from your browser and install it just like the other apps. Make sure you have enabled “Unknown Sources”

2. Once the app is set, browse for Your best movies and shows

3. Add to the movies of your choice to your personal library

4. In case you decide to download the content it will be stored in your library.

5. Find a comfortable location to rave your movies.