Kitty collector is a popular game that is available on Android and IOS mobile gadgets. Developed by Hit-Point, it is simply a cat collection game. There are 49 cats to be collected ,17 of which are known as rare cats. All these cats have a unique name, appearance and personality. The player can rename the cats after encountering them.

The game involves the player to purchase furniture, toys and food which act as bait and they attract the cats to his garden. The player has an opportunity to watch the cats in his garden and he can take photos of them and save them in an album. He then receives gifts in return. He can get either gold, silver or sardines (fish) after the cats leave his garden. The fish come in two colors, namely gold and silver. These gifts are also known as Niboshi”. The player can then purchase goods, new types of food and garden extensions using the fish.

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The main challenge for this game is to attract as many cats as possible to your garden in order to get a lot of gifts, keeping in mind that the cats will only appear if you have things which are of interest to them. It is free to play but one can buy more “Niboshi” in order to gain more cats.

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There are several tricks that one has to apply in order to win an unlimited number of goldfish. The strategies that you should implement include the following: Get furniture that is very comfortable, enough for the cats to stay in your garden. Be very creative with the way you arrange your furniture. Do it in such a way that it will be attractive to the cats. The next thing to get for your garden is food. Even cats do enjoy some rare treats so get them some great or exceptional food. This you should do because a rare cat will appear with the presence of rare food and other cats will keep on coming back to your garden. Another strategy that you should apply is placing themed items in your garden which will in turn attract rare cats. You should also go ahead and buy the same item again and again if you noticed it attracted a rare cat the first time you bought it. Have the fluffy large white cat (Tubbs) hang in your garden, eating your food and keep refilling his bowl to keep him a little longer because he is an impatient cat and doesn’t like staying. He will earn you a lot of gifts.

After implementing all the above strategies, it is time to get your gold fish. You get them through trading on the “Gold Fish Exchange”. To get 500 silver fishes, you have to trade with 10 gold fishes.

It is worth noting that there are some gaming websites that have developed Neko atsume gold and silver fish generators. You just need to go to the sites url, enter your details, specify the number of gold or silver fish that you need and hit generate. You will see the number of gold/ silver fish generated and the final step is to go back to your account to find that same number having been added on top of what you had initially.

This is an enjoyable game and with the neko atsume cheats iphone provided here, you will have the fun of caring for cats without dealing with them physically. With this game, you do it virtually and it is quite entertaining as well as challenging. If you love cats, then this game is for you!