Haven’t all of you wanted to be able to stream movies online in your smart phones? In this generation we have witnessed the evolution of millions of apps. You must be familiar with quite a few of them such as Netflix, IMDb movies and TV, Showbox and Google’s own Google play movies and perhaps a lot of you may be using one of these now! But there is another cool app with all exciting features stuffed in it like a soft toy! Omitting the humor, I am talking about MovieTube app which comes entirely free in Google Play and features all the latest movies, trailers, spicy news about stars, movie cast and upcoming releases. It boasts of the biggest collection of movies dating back to 1970 as well as all information about unreleased films up to 2018, well, isn’t that too much to handle!

With a rating of 3 out of 5 in Google Play and ten thousand to fifty thousand installations, MovieTube is a splendid application of genre media and videos that allows users to watch high quality videos online. It’s not distant future when movie tube can also be used by iPhone users as the administration is planning to roll out the iPhone version soon. Before I brief about the varied category of movies that one is likely to enjoy in movie tube, I want to throw light upon the application features that’s making Movie tube experience a rapturous one.

First: It is fast, free, simple application that is simpler to download. To download the Movie tube 4.4 app all you need to do is go to Google Play store and search for MovieTube app. download the app file and install it in your android mobile. Once the installation process completes, open the application, select your country and the language you prefer. Then you can search for all the movies you may want to watch.

Second: It has been voted the best user experience on application interface. The easier an app is to understand and install, the fitter it is for end users.

Third: It lets you view in full screen. Though it is a basic aspect of all movie and media apps, the landscape exposure of Movie tube is mind blowing.

Fourth: It lets you choose the quality of video based on your data speed thus preventing buffering and loading problems common with most of other apps.

Fifth: It’s wide and myriad collection of movies is like a cherry on the top.

The latest version of Movie Tube- MovieTube 4.4 was launched for android users in late 2015. The update saw fixing of some prominent bugs, one being the buffering problem that used to arise while playing 1080p movies. Another bug was its incapability to play Google docs and feature in full screen. Even these were taken care of. Now, MovieTube 4.4 is an application that lets you watch HD movies broadcasted programs on your android phones.


Some of the features of this improvised version of MovieTube are:

You can take pleasure of watching HD movies for free and even download them in your device for later fun. Don’t worry, even the download is in HD quality!

It’s available on various platforms which makes it popular.

Popular kids sections of anime, cartoon, nick are available in separate categories making it a hot favorite among kids and toddlers.

It gives you the liberty to review and write your comments as they value your feedback as an important tool for improvement.

You even get to share your favorite movies with your friends in social sites.

Much said about the app, it is also necessary to give you an idea of all the genres of movies available and the collection that Movie Tube treasures. The categories are:

Action, adventure, animation, Comedy, Crime, Documentary, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Foreign, History, Horror music, Mystery, Romance, Science Fiction, TV movie, Thriller, War and Western. That was quite something, huh?

Even before you start wondering which movie falls under which section, I’ll give you a closure about that:

Action:  All those movies with super stars and their super powers- Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Star Wars, Dead Pool, The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay part II, Mad Max: Fury road, Jurassic World, Captain America, Spectre are some of the latest and hottest release featuring on MovieTube.


Adventure: All those movies that give you wings- Point break, Interstellar, Guardians of the Galaxy, Martian, The 5th wave, Insurgent, Ant Man, Fast and Furious Seven etc.

Animation: The movies that are priceless and ageless- Minions, zootopia, Kung Fu Panda 3, The Big Hero 6, Ice age: the great egg-escapade, inside out, frozen are some movies that do not deserve to be missed.

Comedy: The much needed humor- Ninja Turtle, Ted 2, Hangover, Penguins of Madagascar, Pitch Perfect 2.

Crime: All about those criminal minds- Spectre, The Hateful Eight, Taken 3, The Shawshank Redemption and Black Mass are some exciting crime releases.

Documentary: A different aspect all together- Eddie Izzard: Glorious, Baraka, Touching the void, the art of flight, Amy, Searching for sugar man, under the sea etc.

Drama: One of the most interesting genre- Gone Girl, Bridge of Spices, Room, Whiplash, Creed, Fight Club, Spotlight

Family: Most anime movies also come under family sub category and I have already mentioned some names of timeless animations.

Fantasy: X-Men, Thor, Man of Steel, Avatar, Dracula Untold, The last witch Hunter are some of the gripping fantasies in MovieTube.

Foreign: Those uncommon and sensuous movies with bold stars- Lord of Files, Strayed, Driving Lessons, The Cook, The thief, the wife and her lover(confused? Me too!), one two another, In a better world are some unheard of but definitely good watch.

History: The Imitation Game, Saving Private Ryan, Schindler’s List, Steve Jobs, Spotlight, Twelve Years of Slave are some wonderful movies that delve into the past.

Horror: Those films that give you Goosebumps- Dracula Untold, Knock Knock, The Forest, Poltergeist, It follows are some worth mentioning.

Music: A fun genre where movies are all about dances and songs- Step Up, High School Musical, Into the woods, Dirty Dancing and Disney movies like peter pan and Alice in wonderland not to forget The sound of music.

Mystery: The suspense makes you watch the entire movie- The Maze Runner, Tomorrowland, Inception, Black Swan, Se7en and the Girl with the dragon tattoo are some of them.

Romance: A genre needless of description- fifty shades of grey, The age of Adeline, The longest ride, Cinderella, Inherent Vice and the list continues on and on.

Science Fiction: It basically covers other categories like Fantasy, Adventure and Action.

TV Movie: An interesting Category with a handful of exciting movies- Ice Age, Adventures in babysitting, High School Musical, All yours, Gia, Princess of thieves etc.

Thriller: The gripping stories and the tangled plots- The Boy next door, Chappie, The Hunger Games, Terminator Genisys, The revenant, Heist are some thrillers.

War: All stories of combats, battles, gory and glory- Lone Survivor, Macbeth, American Sniper, Fury, Inglorious Bastards, Brave Heart, 300:The rise of an empire, The Hurt Locker, Apocalypse Now are just a few among all war movies.

Western: with not much idea what this genre means, Western do consist of some famous movies such as- Django Unchained, Jane Got a Gun, Cowboys and aliens, The Lone Ranger, The good the bad the ugly, Bone Tomahawk, The legend of Zorro, Open Range and the three burials of Melquiades Estrada.


That was just an overview with nearly 200 movie names!  So you can well imagine your bewilderment when you actually visit the app. You can also search for movies based on years of their release. MovieTube keeps you updated with yet to release movies of 2018, 2019 as well as movies as old as 1988. Though it has been all about ‘movies ‘right from the beginning, MovieTube will definitely not disappoint you with its collection of TV series. If you have missed out the last season of Quantico or the last episode of Grey’s Anatomy just visit this app. From Walking Dead, Vampire Diaries, The Big bang theory to Game of thrones, The Flash, Doctor Who, Friends and Marcella movie tube has all the TV series you ever wanted to watch.

Movie Tube has got even more than these. It brings all Hollywood news across the globe right under your fingertips. From Hollywood gossips about who is doing what to who is starring in Dead Pool 2, The next Batman movie or the Suicide Squad, you get to know everything about current Hollywood from just one app. There are also other sub categories like latest movies, popular movies, popular actors, discover the not so famous movies etc.

Finally, before concluding, I would like to state my opinion about MovieTube.  It’s one of the best application for streaming through unlimited movies and TV shows and has got a user friendly interface that allows you a smooth access to all its features. It is a powerful app that brings you the entire world of media into your android phones without you having to spend a penny for it. So, just download Movie Tube and enjoy its magical visage.