There are a number of reasons why it is extremely essential for you to consider hiring a דיג’יי לחתונה during your wedding and while a lot of people believe that wedding DJs are expensive and they will not manage to add too much to the wedding the truth is that without a DJ you will not manage to handle the kind of music that you would like to have been played on your wedding event on a regular basis. The last thing you would want is to request a friend or a relative to handle the console and play some songs instead of enjoying your wedding. 

Although you could decide to have a CD that is playing in the background this would be limited music and put you under a lot of pressure mainly because you have to follow everything on time and you cannot afford to miss any music or any track that is played during the event. When you have a DJ he knows exactly what music is required to be played and when it needs to be played through the evening. DJ’s help to set the tone for the evening and they encourage people to enjoy themselves during the event.

They know exactly when to create a romantic atmosphere and when to encourage people and encourage all the guests to come and dance on the dance floor. One last thing you do not want is nobody to interact with each other and everybody being lost in their own conversation. This is something that is highly avoidable when you hire a DJ because they ensure that they keep the people entertained and keep them together to celebrate your wedding together with them. All you need to do is provide the DJ with a list of the songs that you would like to have played on your wedding and they handle the rest.