According to the recent survey, the fact revealed that the heavy goods vehicles get tripled in last 5 years. As the vehicles increase obviously a number of road accidents also increase. These road accidents cause a huge damage to the vehicles and to overcome from such damages is also not possible for the owners. In this case, insurance plays a crucial role.

Insurance is the term which gives you the protection against all the losses against your heavy goods vehicles. The Lorries are the vehicles which are using more and more for the transportation of the heavy goods from a place to another. The owners of the Lories are worried about the road accidents and the damage due to the accidents. At this time insurance company provide them the protection to you against the losses caused to your Lorries and also to the goods carried.

Types of lorry insurance

As you can see that there is no any difference between the insurance of your car or the Lorries. The main difference is that Lorries are used for commercial purpose whereas cars are used for your personal purposes. When you are going to take the Lorry Insurance for your vehicle you can find that there are two types of insurance for your individual lorry. One is the comprehensive one which includes every type of losses to your lorry including the fire, theft, damage or any loss due to any road accident.  This policy also covers the medical expenses of the driver also. The other one facilitates you the payment to the third party due to any damage caused to them. For instance, your lorry is involved in any road accident and injured the third party in it. You can select the one which is appropriate according to your needs.