More popularly known just as “Kik”, Kik Messenger has been gaining huge user base from all around the world due to its unique features. Owned by the company, Kik Interactive, the Kik Messenger is available on iOS, Androids and Windows operating systems free of cost on their respective application stores. Kik Messenger is unique due to its feature of preserving kik usernames with anonymity of kik usernames. You can even register on Kik Messenger without providing any core identical proofs or telephonic numbers.

History & Foundation:

In the year 2016, Kik Messenger had over 300 million users all around the world with a majority of approximately 40% of the United States teenagers being registered on the app. Kik Interactive was initially founded by young students from the University of Waterloo in Canada who wished to revolutionize the world of smart phone applications. Released on October 19th, 2010, Kik Messenger recorded over one million registered users within 15 days of its launch. Since its launch, Kik has been involved in several controversies due to its feature of limited security, irrespective of that, it has been expanding over the years and gaining huge investments from throughout the world and gaining a great number of young user base too.

The key feature of Kik is its anonymity, To register, you just need to enter a first name and a last name with a verifying email id. Thereafter you can define a unique username and get started with the Messenger. Due to alarming security problems, Kik has strengthened its security feature which blurs any messages obtained from strangers. You will be ale to see the same only if you opt to do so. The Messenger had been a great success throughout and has also achieved several awards on international levels.