Being able to save on cash, while getting the most for a particular amount of money is one of the things that people would unanimously want to do. Having said that, anything that people can get without having to pay is something people would usually want to get their hands on. This is most especially true in instances where people are given the option of getting something which either you should have to pay for, or not get to pay at all. This is the reason why overwatch free download is something which is extremely popular among people nowadays. While yes, one can benefit by being able to save, the following are the reasons as to why you might want to think twice before getting that download.

Most Free Downloads are Illegal

            This is one of the most obvious hazards there are associated when it comes to downloading things online for free, when in fact, there are physical copies and other sources of the game which require you to pay. While the penalties from country to country differ, yet most of the countries around the world would agree that this is piracy, and is tantamount to stealing things. This can get you to prison, and could even have your tech items confiscated from you.

Free Downloads May Have Viruses

            Viruses, Malware, Worms – name it. All of these could be found through illegal downloads, given that there are no regulating bodies for sites which promote piracy. Some of those who put torrents to be downloaded by others could deliberately infect the software with malware to get information from you, while other “good samaritans” simply make torrents while unknowingly including the virus with it.

Given that most of the viruses are from Windows users, and that up to 90% of people use Windows, the spread of the virus gets rather quick.