There are a lot of hamster cage types that are being sold in the market today. With this, one can choose a variety of colors, styles, and even sizes. If you want to choose good hamster cages for your pet, then you should consider the following reminders.

  1. Knowing the Perfect Size

You should know the breed of your hamsters, because the breed is the main factor in knowing its size. There are several hamsters that are smaller than the others. This is because their breed determines their sizes. However, you should also see to it that the cage is not too small for your hamster. Remember that dwarf hamsters should always be kept inside a small or medium-sized cage. Try to search for a cage that has a ½ feet floor area, and has a length of 1 foot. Meanwhile, golden hamsters need a bigger cage, because then again, they are bigger.

  1. Ensure the Cleanliness and Spaciousness of the Cage

Accessories inside cages usually make them cramped. Remember that hamster love to roam around and run in different places. This means that the cage should be spacious enough for your hamsters to live a healthy life. Get rid of sharp objects that might hurt your hamsters. Always keep a keen eye on your cage, and always check from time to time if there are foreign objects that entered your cage.

  1. Ensure the Safety and Security

Consider the design of the cage that you want to buy. It’s because a poorly designed cage can harm your hamster. Ensure that your cage can protect your hamster, if the time comes that it slides out of it. It is highly recommended for you to choose a plastic cage. This way, you don’t have to worry about hamsters escaping and risking their lives out in the open.