Creating and uploading youtube videos has been a rage for quite sometime now. But, to hit those multiple digit views isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. So, we’re listing down some of the secret components of the recipe to increase the Youtube views for your videos:

  • Perfect the 3 Ts: The Thumbnails have to be the optimum size for all devices, the titles have to be crisp and relevant and the tags need to be both unique and general enough. This coupled with a good description sets your video up for better views. You could also add a read more here with a link to your website/blog (if any) in the description.
  • Pinging: Informing search engines that additional content is now available to be indexed. You can do this at by adding your video’s title and URL.
  • Social Networks: Facebook and twitter are not just for sharing pictures-use your own network to promote your videos. Share it on all platforms you’re active one-FB, Twitter, Instagram, Myspace, Pinterest, or any other social networking site that you use.
  • Ratings: Higher rated videos show up higher on the search results. So, you know what you need to do-get the people from your own social network to rate your video highly.
  • Comments: You might not have realized, but a substantial chunk of views to your videos actually come from your comments on other people’s videos. Yes! Post comments that might interest people to view your profile and your videos. Also, the first thing that you should do after uploading a video is to comment on it-yourself! That paves the way for your community to follow suit.


  • Aggregators: Do not underestimate the power of forums like Reddit, StumbleUpon, etc. in getting you more views. Sending your videos to these websites can redirect sufficient traffic to your videos and can also help in your content getting indexed faster. However, if you keep sending in just your own videos, it might always work. Make it a healthy mix of your own content and that of others.

The perfect recipe to increase views has been served. So what are you waiting for? Go and hit that million views mark.