This article will address commonly asked questions. The answers may not apply to older outdated versions of digitizing machines or software.

  1. How do I take care of my machine?

Frequent lubrication is necessary to keep moving parts running smoothly and prevent wear.

  1. When should I lubricate the machine?

Usually, after about half a million stitches, this value will of course vary across brands and respective versions.

  1. So as to attach an embroidery module, must the machine be switched off?

No, this is not necessary.

  1. Can I use a USB stick

Yes you can, and it will function properly. However it would be wise to use USB sticks of a similar brand to the machine or software. This is because their functionality has already been tested.

  1. Can a CD be connected instead?

No. This is not possible.

  1. How often should my machine be serviced?

This information is usually found in the manual, but still messages pop up stating that it is time for a certified technician to service the machine. Make sure to take it seriously.

  1. When should the hoop be calibrated

The hoop should be calibrated after each machine update, when using larger hoops; calibration is encouraged after each project.

  1. How are machine updates done

Machine updates can be done simply by downloading updates. Save and run the file. Ideally pop up alerts and messages should occur whenever new updates are available. Alternatively, you can also visit and subscribe to the brand’s website so as to be notified should new updates be available.

  1. Is it possible to delete alphabets

No, it is not.

  1. Is it possible to change the Welcome screen?

It is possible to do so. Consult the user manula. It is also possible to change the wall paper.

These are just some of the questions asked by usa digitizers, any technical queries should be directed to the manufacturers.