You’ve probably seen a table game which uses a Rolette-shaped board with three dice in it. That game is called Sicbo, and it’s actually an ancient Chinese game played through long centuries. And with the advancement of technology, it wouldn’t be surprising to encounter Sicbo in game applications, needless to mention sicbo online available for you.

Have Fun with Sicbo Online Now!

Sicbo is a popular game of luck played all throughout the world. Originally tracing its roots to ancient China, this game of dice is now played by many people because of its simple yet enjoyable concept.

The Sicbo circles around the chance of sides that three dices would show. Players would simply guess which of the possible results would show. Potential results can fall under three single numbers, two pairs and one single, all three numbers are the same, or players can also guess combinations of two or three of the dices. Whoever would guess the results correctly would win the throw! It’s exciting enough for a guessing game, but it’s easy to play that even a child could have fun with it. You can also do more complicated guesses for higher points like guessing the exact numbers that would show,

If you can’t get enough with Sicbo, you would want to play it on your computer or smartphones. It would be great to play it up while you’re simply letting time pass by, enjoying while in a train or bus, or if you would want to compete with some other players online. In such instances, you would love to play Sicbo online, and have fun with it like how you would in real games.

You just have to look for the best Sicbo gaming app, or it would be best to play it on websites with other players. This way you would enjoy Sicbo anywhere and anytime you want!