Nowadays as technology are reaching a new level of brilliance we have everything available for a price that will make our lives way easier. Amazon during this time decided to take the market by storm with its Amazon Echo which is voice command personal assistant and speaker. The voice assistant called Alexa is going to best addition to your house and this $180 device is perfect for all the lazy bums out there. Our Amazon Echo review will tell yu everything that you need to know about it.

What Can The Amazon Echo Do?

The Amazon Echo looks like a device when you unpack it speakers all on sides and it is actually a personal assistant which helps you control everything that is connected to it using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. You can just ask it to play a song from your Spotify account and it will just play it. You can ask Alexa to turn up the volume and even read out news from news circles that are a part of its software. You can ask it about the weather and also ask it general knowledge questions. You can set up reminders and alarms and it will remind you about at the right time. It just needs to be connected to a wireless connection. You could also ask it to order things off your Amazon cart and it will do it with ease. You can do all this just by the use of voice command. You can even control the lights and other electric equipment in you’re considering the fact that your distributor is a part of it like Hive.

The speakers are pretty clean and consist of multiple noise cancellation mikes that help the device to hear your voice even when the music is switch or when the television is on. It comes in black color and is about 26 cms tall and looks pretty trendy that will go brilliantly with your furniture