Over the years there have been many releases and updates of the different Runescape Private Servers. With these releases, gamers have tested the servers and through voting have been able to pick out the best servers which resulted in the compilation of the top 100 RSPS list. This list ranks the best servers at the top and the worst at the bottom giving players the ability to choose a server based on the provided pros and cons. Here is a list of the top rsps;

Zamorak; when it comes to ranking the most anticipated server, zamorak comes top. Players love the server as it has frequent update releases,thrilling content and it’s also a multiplayer online platform. It has more than 300 players and not less than  150 achievements.

SoulPlay; you will not go wrong by choosing SoulPlay as it often considered the best server. It doesn’t lag and has a support system who will assist you at all times. Soulplay has more than 100 achievements, over ten bosses and has been developed professionally.

GrinderScape; if you want the longest and most active server then GrinderScape can work for you. With more than seven years of online presence, they know what players want. Hence have developed top content which offers a unique combat experience.

Elkoy; with more than 300 active players, this is one of the most liked RSPS. It’s famous for having a gambling scene that is always active and amazing content where players get to have afull owned store.

Alora; if you are more of an old school kind of person then you will appreciate Alora. Since it is well coded, you can easily view the number of pets you have saved, get to pick a spell book and see the life level bar of the skeletons.

Players go for top servers in the top 100 RSPS list because they make the game more enjoyable.