Running is the best form of exercise as it increases cardiovascular strength, keeps your joints in shape and also helps you look good unless you are sitting on your couch and playing Running Fred on your smartphone, which by the way is an amazing game. Running around can cause injuries and you need to find the best shoes so that you don’t hurt yourself while running and you can get the best out of your session. That’s why we have made a list of the best running shoes in the market.


The Nike Freemotion Flyknit RN are another great addition to their fly knit series. Nike uses woven yarn in various patterns to get the intricate design that you seen on their shoes which leads to a very lightweight and long lasting shoe. These shoes are priced at just $120 and provide you the flexibility and cushioning that your feet need.


The Saucony Ride 9 is another great shoe with a very stable and rugged design. It promises it’s customers stability with these shoes and they deliver on their promise. There is a 8mm drop between the toe and the heel height which protects your joints from injuries. This shoe has been priced at $115.


If you are a long distance then the Asics Nimbus 9 is what you should be looking at as it has been specially designed for marathon runners. The shoe that has been priced at around $110 has a stronger middle cushioning which protect your feet while running while providing stability.


The Adidas Boost regular version is for short distance runners as when you are sprinting you don’t want too soft a sole as it won’t be very responsive whereas you can try the ST version of you are looking for something which is more stable. These shoes are priced at $130.