Megan Hills
Megan Hills


This is Megan Hills. I am a journalist by profession and blogging is my hobby. I work for a local newspaper and my job is to roam around and find out news that is important and interesting. Because of my dedication to writing, I love blogging about what interests me. In this blog, I write articles related to business, sports, technology and sports.

I write about a topic from different perspectives. Sometimes, I write it in the form of news; whereas, at other times I simply express my opinion on a particular subject matter or an issue. I cover interviews as well. Being a journalist, I get easy access to lot of personalities and public figures which wasn’t possible if it weren’t for my profession. So, you will find interesting interviews of TV personalities, sportsmen, executives, technology people and more. You will find reviews of various products as well. The best part of my review section is that I actually test the products before writing about it. So, you will get very honest opinion regarding different products and services, especially, technology gadgets.

The contents of this blog are updated regularly. The topics covered are very interesting and unique. So, come and visit us!